Free (Virtual) Spouse/Significant Other:Growth Mindset, Dec 12

When:  Dec 12, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 07:10 PM (MT)
Associated with  AZ Valley of the Sun Chapter

Free (Virtual) Spouse/Significant Other: Growth Mindset - How professionals can become more resilient

Tues. Dec 12, 2023- 1 hr CPE

When: Tues Dec.12, 2023 from 6:00 to 7:10 PM (Arizona Time)

6:00 to 6:20 - Networking

6:20 to 7:10 – Growth Mindset - How professionals can become more resilient by Serban Mare, Keynote (Virtual and In-Person) Speaker

Topic: From Burnout to Bliss: How a Growth Mindset Can Help You Overcome Stress, Achieve Success and Happiness


In 2022, a survey revealed that 59% of employees reported experiencing moderate to severe burnout. This prevalent issue affects many corporations and can result in reduced productivity, increased disengagement, and higher employee turnover rates. Burnout often occurs when employees feel physically and emotionally exhausted, leading to a lack of motivation to perform their duties. As a result, employee engagement and job satisfaction can decline, ultimately impacting the company's overall success.

This presentation will highlight the significance of embracing a growth mindset to prevent burnout. We will delve into practical strategies that employees can adopt to reframe challenges as opportunities for growth and transform problems into solutions. Additionally, we will explore effective ways of managing time and reclaiming control over workload, leading to a reduction in stress levels, an increase in productivity and job satisfaction.

Learning Objectives:

1. Uncover the four pillars essential for maximizing energy levels, effectively managing daily stress, and enhancing productivity.

2. Incorporate three new perspectives to proactively diminish burnout and boost satisfaction levels.

3. Discover three practical tactics for gaining mastery over daily activities and skillfully managing your time.

1 hour CPE- Field of Study: Personal Development (non-technical)

Speaker Bios:

Serban Mare, Keynote (Virtual and In-Person) SpeakerPremise

Location: Virtual

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