Local CMA Resources

While the CMA certification isn’t required for IMA Members, professional certification is the most effective way for our members to concretely demonstrate and maintain the highest standard of relevant knowledge and skills.

As many as 85% of accountants today work inside organizations, where expertise in decision support, planning, and control over value-adding operations are crucial elements of operational success. In earning the CMA, you will validate mastery of the advanced skills required to manage finance functions within an organization.

The CMA credential is:

  • Focused – On the critical skills you use in business.
  • Respected – Leading employers seek to hire and promote CMAs.
  • Valued – CMAs earn higher compensation than noncertified professionals.
  • Convenient – CMA exams are offered electronically in hundreds of locations worldwide.

For more information on the CMA certification, see the information below in the footer or contact the AZ Valley of the Sun Chapter’s CMA Director (temporary) Tom Dopler.

To find out more about the upcoming CMA Exam Prep Webcast Course, go to events - CMA Prep Webcast Course.