Chapter Board

ASU Student Chapter Facilitator
Thank you to our volunteers for the term July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019!

Please contact Kendall Argust or any of the VPs if you are interested in helping with any of the open positions. Even if you don’t wish to hold an official position, all members are welcome to help with the board and attend board meetings. Board meetings are held after our 3rd Tuesday Net-Tech Session from 7:30 - 8;30 pm at the Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel.  Look for the next Board Meeting registration on the Events page and join us! 

Board Member Board Position
 Kendall Argust Wright President
 open President-Elect
 Tom Dopler Past President
 open Administration VP
 Laura Mangan Communication VP
 Charles Ballard Prof. Education VP
 Tom Dopler Membership VP, CMA Dir 
 Brian Haberlin Treasurer
 Richard Leonard  Secretary
 Chris Stich         Employment   
 Russell Gardner   Corp Devel Asst
 Kathleen Hurley      Asst. Webmaster  
 Cathy Margolin Webmaster
 Deb Michalowski  CMA Prep Director/ Educ Comm
 Donna DeMilia     GCU Student Chapter Faculty Adviser    
 Dan Swenson                  ASU Student Chapter Faculty Adviser 
 Thomas Clausen               ASU Student Chapter Faculty Adviser 
 Stephen Mason     ASU Chapter Mentor/ Educ Comm
 Michael Yost          Email Communication
Nicholas Stefaniak         Educ Committee
William Fraser Educ Committee
Camille Cook Educ Committee
Gregory Gilstrap     Educ Comm / CPE Rept
Travis Magneson      Corp Development
Diane Hewlett       Webcast Director

Note:  In accordance with IMA's Global Privacy Policy, we have removed individual contact information from this page.  IMA members can contact individuals through LinkUP.  Non-members can send an email to our council's email address (

(623) 512-3548